Sunday, May 30, 2010

Now I can post, LOL

I've been saving up some other photos until I had handed over Sarah's bag - from FIS swap - before I posted again - so here's an update in the world of Vix!
Addison has scored a new pair of pants this week and there's a second pair - in reverse - to come! Also a pretty pink cardy which is nearly complete.
I have finally completed the Jet jumper I made at the end of last winter and have even worn it twice - very cosy and worth the wait!

Here's Sarah's bag - I finished the stitchery - it's a Wendy Briggs angel - whilst we were at Bicheno the week before last. What I had chosen to make, a Bonbon Bag by Monica Poole, was not the right size and shape for the stitchery, so between Razzy, Sarah and me, we worked out something else - a laptop bag for those occasions when you don't want one of the black ones.
You can see by the look on her face that she is surprised - but it wasn't the type of bag, just the finished bag, I'm sure!

Here are some close ups of the stitchery and the bag itself - complete with a little mouse/camera or mobile bag at the back.
I've never really tried to do any machine quilting, but I was quite proud of this little effort! Pity it's on the base where you can't see if, hehehe.
Here is a better photo of the vest that I had posted a few weeks ago - colour is better , but more importantly the focus is heaps better!


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

You have been the lap top bag you have made for Sarah...

Lynda said...

Lots of great show and tell Vicki. Addison's new pants are really lovely and so is your quilting.

Christine said...

That bag is fabulous ... good enough to publish the pattern I reckon? Love Addison's pants ... bet she looks so cute in them. You are so productive with your knitting too ... will have to start calling you Peg the Second!! Well done.