Saturday, August 28, 2010

Here I am...............

Wow, it's been a month since I have had time to post about anything else other than the Conference I was organising! Conference was wonderful, everything went as it should and I am just paying the last few accounts and sending out thank you letters to our great sponsors.
Now that it's over I thought I would have sewing time, but no, hasn't happened yet, except that I managed to mend my daughter's bag, put up hems on her trousers and repair her dress all before she heads OS in September. At least I know that the sewing machine still works! I have managed one finish for the month - jumper for DH's birthday last week. Looks great on.
Look who's peeking out behind DH!
I have joined the Great Global Christmas Swap and received the first reply from my partner - I was so excited that she understood my French and replied in English, but mostly in French. Some of the best things about speaking another language are the opportunities to meet and talk to others outside your own country. I am now looking at the possibility of including Alsace in our trip to France next year. What a shame that students can't be convinced of this! Some of mine have never left the state and many state categorically that they will NEVER leave Australia - hopefully their attitudes will change in the future.
I have just come back from school visits to NE and South of the state, so here are some photos to share of the snow that has fallen in place of the rain over the last few days. Looks beautiful, but very cold especially with the wind blowing off the mountains.
Taken from Esk Highway between St Marys and Avoca
Amazing the difference in the landscape!
How gorgeous is that!
Fingal's view of Ben Lomond and Mt Barrow.
View from my sister's front garden at Perth.
Greater Launceston from Waldhorn Drive into Grindelwald.
The ski slopes have been having a wonderful weekend with many of the tows working for the first time this winter!
DH and I are off to Qld on Friday for 10 days during our school holidays. We are going to De's wedding next Saturday and a friend's third son is being married the following weekend. Hoping to catch up with some FIS friends during the 5 days we are down at Burleigh Heads. Bring on the warmth!


Suzi-q said...

the jumper fits him beautifully, well done
Thanks for the site seeing tour of Tassie, that will have to do me for the moment and send my congrats to De, I haven't chatted/blogged with her for ages.
Enjoy the warm holiday

Christine said...

Glen looks pleased with his jumper ... and in good company! It certainly has been cold with all the snow about ... enjoy your time away in the 'tropics' (to us anyway!)

Samantha said...

I don't think he will be cold in that nice looking jumper! You did an awesome job with it.

I don't think QLD will be too much warmer.. up here its cold and raining.

Roseanne said...

The jumper look good on Glen.

Lynda said...

The jumper looks fantastic Vix. That's a great finish for the month. Hope you have a great time in Qld and De has a lovely wedding.