Thursday, September 30, 2010

FIS paper bag swap

I can't believe how remiss I have been in putting up photos and blogging lately. Nevertheless, second post in two days - here are the contents of the bag which Kerry sent me. The Toblerone has disappeared of course but the plan for what will be made has come about - now just to sew it. The bag in which everything came - including the peeper Kerry borrowed last year at the workshop - is featured in one of Kerry's recent swaps and is made from selvedges - really cute!

My mum gave me a cute little tutu and fairy wings last time I was in Hobart and guess who is wearing them in this photo? She came to stay overnight a fortnight ago for the first time ever and we had a ball - mind you I slept like a log and her parents had the devil's own job encouraging her to go to sleep! You would never have guessed if you had seen her pushing her auntie's doll's pram around doing "serculs" that she would have been too excited to sleep! LOL
Don't you just love the flannel PJs under the fairy costume?

Laughing cos she forgot her wand!
On the Friday I picked up Christine and we drove to Launceston to see Leanne, Sarah and Razzy. Leanne was busily working so she missed out on our wonderful morning tea, but we called in to have a chat. Our main reason for the trip was to go to Calico Crossroads to pick out our fabric for Kerry Swain's 2 day workshop. Razzy just couldn't help herself and chose 18 Fat quarters, because she could!
Sarah and Christine both loved Luna Notte and chose 13 very similar fabrics, but had a different background fabric each.
Sarah's choices

Christine's fabrics
Here's what I chose - Civil War Reproductions. My background is on the left - could have gone with the safe option of cream, but decided to bite the bullet and go with something completely different.

More pics of the weekend later! Worth the wait, I promise.


Roseanne said...

Well I did have a good day out spending all that money. No I have not brought any fabrice since.. LOL!!

Lynda said...

Addison is such a cutie. You've all bought lovely fabrics and your quilts turned out so well.