Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Camp and Sydney

The Launceston girls organised a Tasmanian retreat last weekend at Hagley Farm School. Aside from the Friday night, when I couldn't go, the weather was lovely, the views were great and the company was wonderful. Some great work was coming from very busy fingers!
View from the kitchen window

Fee at work

Thanks for the smile :)

We all made Marg Lowe Christmas Decorations from our Gift bags

This is as close as I got to a picture of everyone there ☺

And here is my dinner visitor from Sydney on Monday night!
It is definitely time to invest in a new camera as the most recent inside shots of people are not good - will check out the ones Lynda sent. Unfortunately, we don't have a photo of Lynda's friend Karen who came along for the evening. ☻I was sad to see them head off in their little car at the end of the evening, but hopefully we will get to Sydney again soon to see Jersey Boys and we can catch up for longer!
Better, but still no Karen - who was there, behind Lynda's camera!!!
Peg invited me to join her group in the Stitching around the block which Helen Stubbings is running. Here's my stitchery ready to be sent off to Fee for the next round!
Mutated looking head on that snail - back to the reverse stitching!


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Fantastic photos the one of you and Lynda and nice one of Fee as well....gee your stitchery looks so good...great choice of colours with the threads...

Fiona said...

Oh Gosh I hate my photo taken - LOL I am really looking forward to getting my hands on that gorgeous block.

Hugs - Fee X

Lib said...

didn't think you would get finished! Did you stitch on the plane?

Roseanne said...

Boy Vicki you do pop up all over the place. I Bet you had a good time with Lynda and Karen behind the camera.

Liz said...

I think your stitchery looks great.
I can't wait to see the four quilts finished.
I'm up for blurry face photos, of me anyway!! (could only be an improvement)or the foot photo would even be better!!!
Your chrissie decorations are so sweet. Looks like a peaceful place to have a retreat. Nice to see a photo of Fiona too. I think I may have to post a photo of me so you can all see what I look like seeing as I have now seen all you lovely ladies in the group.