Friday, October 8, 2010

Expo day is here!

It's early yet and so Daylight savings does give a bit of a false idea on the day, but at present it is just lovely, although still a little nippy outside.
I have everything packed, ready to go, so thought you might like to see my finished efforts - the unfinished ones are in another bag for me to work on during the day - just little finishes here and there.
I have another 5 bonbons to do and buttons to put on, etc. So, whilst I didn't have many finishes for the last few months, I think I have redeemed myself this week, LOL.  28 completely finished and the rest to be added once I have!
My partner Chris has heaps of beautiful appliqued teatowels and we have some scrapbooked cards, a bag, runner and a great flannel quilt from another friend to boost the look of things. A wonderful friend from Hobart come up with some gorgeous purses, clutches and pencil cases on Thursday. Should be great!

Added to that, we have a teddy quilt to raffle. Proceeds from that are to go to Heart Kids - Chris' daughter made it and Chris quilted it by hand after the GD died as a result of a heart virus which went undiagnosed just over 2 years ago. Hope we sell lots of tickets so that we can donate a great amount of money.


teresa said...

Good luck at the expo Vicki... Hope you raise lots of money too. All your finishes look wonderful.

Lynda said...

Fantastic stash of goodies Vicki. I hope you raise heaps of money.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

You are amazing....look at that haul..well done....I know it will be good day.....and heaps of money will be raised...

Roseanne said...

Boy you have been busy Vicki. Lot of finishes you will have to keep this up now and you will have lot of Christmas present as well.