Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Travelling again

Just when we thought we were on top of things, DH's recent test results came back on Tuesday and we are heading back to Launceston after work today to begin another round of treatment for the next 6 weeks. The upside is that we will get to see our sweet little fairy on Fridays after the treatment and who could be sad about that? So, I have my new quilt from Kerry's recent Tassie workshop back and am about to head into the sewing room to stitch on the binding so that I can make use of my waiting time tomorrow.
We have our Friendship Day here in Burnie on Saturday, so have been baking as well as stitching bonbons for our gifts - had to make another 6 because our numbers had hit 90 yesterday and we only had 78 made. That brings my total to 18 in the last few weeks and believe me, if I never see another one, I don't think I will be too upset, LOL


Jan said...

Fingers crossed that everything goes well with Glenn's treatment, Vicki. Give him our best wishes, and give yourself a hug from us too. Will reply to your email tonight. And have fun on Saturday.

Roseanne said...

Sorry to here that Glen need another round of tretment. Look after him and your self Vicki. Take a lot of stitching with you to take your mine of every think .

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

My fingers are crossed as well Vic...Hope tomorrow is a good day..are you chatting tonight...hugs to you Peg..xx