Friday, November 26, 2010

Still around

It's been a very busy few weeks since my last post. DH has finished his treatments and now we wait till we get the results from his checkup procedure on Dec 20. Not worrying about it, because we have done all we can at this stage anyway!
Reports for my school students are completed and it appears that I only had one significant mistake, as only one teacher emailed me to change anything .... phew! Still have to write my online reports, but that is Tuesday's job. All certificates are done.
Monday is our GD's second birthday and we have bought her a pram, complete with tray underneath and a bag for the "mummy." This morning I have made a mattress, sheet, blanket and tiny quilt, so it's ready to go tomorrow. Will post a photo later in the day. We're going to Don River Railway tomorrow for her party - she had a ride on a train a while back and loved it, so we are off again. At the end of the ride, there's a beach where we'll have a picnic - provided the forecast rain holds off.
I put the finishing touches to my gift for Michèle, my GGCS partner in France, last night and am very happy with it. After "talking" via email with Lynda H, I used a 640 iron on pellon on the front and back panel of the bag - it's okay, everyone gets a Christmas bag - and a 630 for the side gussets. Easy and effective to make it stand up, but NOT easy putting the thing together. I won't tell you whose design it was, but many of you will guess that if it had to be altered, it was someone we all grumble about, LOL. Can't help but love the designs though :)
I'm off to meet my DH for a coffee date as he is at work, so will be back to update this later in the morning - or afternoon, if I decide to do some Christmas shopping.


Lib said...

Just driven inside by the rain so hope you have better luck tomorrow. I did get the lawn done and some weeding though so not all bad. Now to clean out the garage for the council collection!

Sarah said...

Fingers crossed that nasty thing has gone Vicki!
Wonder what pattern you are talking about.... LOL!
x Sarah
PS: Have fun at the party, Happy Birthday Addisson xx

Christine said...

Have fun at the railway. The pram and your creations look wonderful ... lucky Addison.

Lynda said...

Very cute pram Vicki (and little quilt). The Christmas goody bag looks great. Hope today is a lot of fun for Addison (and all of you).

Jessica said...

What a gorgeous pram! I think is better than the one I used with my real babies!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

My goodness Vic just look at that pram..oh so the bag....