Friday, December 24, 2010

Catch up part 2

As promised, here are the photos of the GGCS swap parcel which I sent to Michèle in France. I put in some extra goodies for her son, daughter and of course her DH. Can't leave him out when it's Australia to France after all!
Bronwyn Hayes with a little franglaising! The ribbon has Merry Christmas and Joyeux Noël printed on it. Found it in a gorgeous shop in Burnie called Spoil Me Gifts.
The fabric pack is of Aboriginal designed fat quarters.

Winter in France with heaps of snow. Got to keep those drinks hot!

All the photos in the local calendar were submitted in a competition, the winning one being the cover. All proceeds go to local charities.

Hope a certain family member doesn't decide to look on my blog tonight or tomorrow - all nieces need to keep comments to themselves till Boxing Day, pretty please. Vest is for my sister and was started when I was in Queensland in September.

I found some gorgeous snowflakes when I was in Spoil Me Gifts and made a second Christmas decoration which found its way onto the FIS Christmas swap present when I wasn't looking. Obviously it believed that it would find a good home where it has gone.
Yesterday I met up with Christine, Sarah, Roseanne and Sarah's Mum Gail at the Cherry Shed at Latrobe. We ate too much, laughed heaps and generally had a great time. Razzy gave us all a special little present from Santa's reindeer. I was a little sad because I have really tried to be good this year and hadn't even had a please explain on my Christmas list - but at least I wasn't forgotten. Christine gave us each a gorgeous quilted bag with 4 yummy Christmas cakes inside. She said they would last for 3 months, but boy, have I got news for her LOL

Here we all are outside - still laughing about Sarah's butt dance - and helping Christine hide the strawberry stain she got on her pretty blouse when she helped me pick enough strawberries to send down to Hobart today. There were lots of really mushy ones as a result of all the rain, so it was a big effort to find enough that would travel well. Her eyes are shut because she had danced so hard she needed a rest - Sarah that is!

And today, I have been getting tomorrow's ham glazed, wrapping presents and generally being busy - found time to make this for a friend's one year old, because his parcel was too difficult to wrap with paper. Now, all she will have to do is release the wooden bead to get the toys out and push it up again to tidy them away to bring home. Our boys had one similar and it still holds the Duplo blocks.

 Hope all my blogging friends have a wonderful Christmas and a safe, healthy and Happy New Year. I'll be back to show off my FIS swap present tomorrow!


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love what you made Vic..I am sure Michele was thrilled.....the snow flake is so cute...nice photo of the girls...hope you had an awesome day yesterday....

DAWNIE said...

Such lovely gifts Vicki and can see you are still doing your gorgeous knitting. Am sure they were happy with your lovely bag of goodies.