Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thanks goodness it's a long weekend!

Our social life has hit an all time high this weekend and I am suffering from a sleep deficit hangover! Not being a drinker, it's not possible to have the other kind, but I am definitely walking around with a foggy head ~ not good cos I have plans for today, LOL. Back later with piccies
I've had a couple of extra hours sleep and some Aspros and am feeling tons better, thank heavens. Done the groceries and the washing, even have the first baskets back in because it has turned into a magnificent day down here :) That alone makes me feel better.
Last week I had 2 days in Launceston for work and we stayed at a gorgeous Art Deco apartment building close to the inner city. I took some photos to share - especially for those of you who love poking around looking in antique shops, etc.

Friday night we went to a dinner in Burnie for one of the girls who has worked with DH for a number of years - she is expecting her first child in a few weeks. Since Glenn had had his treatment for the week he was unable to drive. Check the next pic out. I wonder if you can guess what is about to come next?

Yep, I picked up the wrong set - all dressed up, husband not able to lift, carry or drive. Only friend with a key to the house is in Shepparton for 10 days or so....... thank goodness our DD had come home for the weekend and finally realised that there were 2 missed calls on her phone. She did laugh when I told her where we were and what I had NOT done, LOL.

Here are some photos of the 60s/70s party we went to in Launceston last night. Was wonderful to catch up with so many people we hadn't seen for years - some not since we left Launceston and moved to the coast more than 25 years ago %>
Was a great night - so much effort by party goers to dress to the theme - phew, those acetate fabrics are sooooooo hot when you are having a tropical moment though! LOL
On a sewing note, not much to show you as I have been really busy at work, but I have sent off the third round of the Stitching around the block to Fee for the final round. I had it all folded up ready to mail when I realised I hadn't photographed it, so it's not completely flat as a result.

Almost up to date! Now I'm heading to my sewing room, very belatedly, to finish the Raspberry Ripple bag I started stitching last Sunday!
Hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend!


De said...

Shake it out! Never a good feeling - I suffered one of them during the past week - thankfully over it now. LOL.

Lynda said...

Can I join the tea-totaller's hangover club too? Stayed up way too late last night after our visitors went home and feeling a bit groggy today too.

Roseanne said...

I could not sleep last night tell you later what is going on. So I did some sewing. Yes I have a bit of a foggy head today as well.

Sue W ♥ said...

wish we had a long weekend, could use a day off to sew :(

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

I am like Sue..wish we had a long weekend....take care Vic.....

Farmyard Crafts said...

Sounds like we all need some early nights this week! Hope you're feeling better and you get your stuff done!

Annie said...

Glad you're feeling better now Vicki - the second half of your post sounds like your old self :)

Isabella said...

Sounds like you had too much fun vickie :):) the stitchery is looking great