Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I will need new shoes by the time we get home!

Today we have walked 26167 steps - from our apartment in Saint Germain to the Musée d'Orsay and around that for 2 hours. Then we walked over to Île de la Cité, looked at the special display of war memorials, bought yummy, crunchy baguette sandwiches before walking to Île St Louis - just over the bridge!
We then walked through huge crowds till we found Beaubourg - Pompidou Centre. We were disappointed to find that all the arches at Châtelet are being removed to modernise and refurbish the shopping centre and railway station front. They had real character but are now all but gone. Took the metro to a station called Chateau Rouge, near Sacré Coeur. It was strange being in the minority on the train - not because we are English speakers, but because of our skin colour. It was a long steep climb from there to the basilica, but I made it, even in the warmth.
We have certainly been blessed with wonderful weather in Paris - it's been very cold first up, but the days are lovely. Loving being able to wear a scarf every day without thinking about it. At school the kids call me Madame Scarf, LOL
We wound our way down from Montmartre to Pigalle - the home of Moulin Rouge and numerous Kings Cross like shops :) - and caught the Metro back to our place. Tonight, after packing our cases we went out for a meal and then back to the Tower Montparnasse to watch the Eiffel Tower do its bit! Was just lovely!

Tomorrow, we head east to Strasbourg, then to Mulhouse where we have the night before being collected on Friday to spend the weekend with my ePenfriend, Michèle and her family.
Have managed about 10 rows of knitting and that is only because I was watching a show on my netbook and didn't fall asleep. The couch is very comfortable as we have both found out when we have had a bit of a rest between day outings and dinner. Hope everyone is well and getting some craft work done!!!


Farmyard Crafts said...

Sounds like you're having an amazing time... even if you'll have no soles left on your shoes!! ;) Glad to hear your trip is going well!

teresa said...

It all sounds and looks so wonderful. Enjoy every second Vicki!!! The Eiffel tower is just breathtaking xx

Quilt Kitty said...

No wonder you go to sleep on the couch - a marathon of sight seeing. Sounds wonderful. Back to lots of craft when you get home. Tracee xx

Lib said...

So glad you are having such a good time. Love the video ☺