Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oh no........ we're off again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No results yet, but due to some further complications last evening, DH is on his way back to Launceston via patient transfer, after spending the night in Emergency and then a ward at NWRH. He's fine again, but needs observation under his own Dr's care. I'm staying put tonight after not getting home till nearly 2am. Not being a drinker I was most put out to be pulled over by the police on my way home for a random breathalyser and licence check. I swear, if I had driven back down into town, instead of going through Shorewell, wouldn't have happened. Obviously it was a very quiet night on the roads!
On the plus side, I managed to finish a vest for GD, so some benefits to late night visits to hospitals.
This afternoon I have been working on a present for one of the ladies from our quilting group. We have to make something that will only take an evening. I cut this out yesterday before we went to the hospital and also something to go with it which I will give her for Christmas.

Knitting needle and crochet hook roll


Roseanne said...

I think you did kill a chinaman. I Hope Glenn is going to be all right. lots of love from me.

Jo in TAS said...

Geez life has really thrown you some rotten curve balls! I hope DH next trip home is for a longer period!
P.S. I bet all the drink drivers know that back streets are where the coppers are so they avoid them, at least you can drive safely!

Sue W ♥ said...

sounds like life is a bit of a yoyo, hope everything calms down soon

De said...

Hugs Vix - Tell Glenn to sort himself out - you have some crafting to do!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Oh Vic....sending big hugs....poor the roll and the vest...

Isabella said...

Soo sorry to hear hubby had to have anouther trip in you guys are sure getting hit hard just now hope this are sorted now.
Hope you also got to get to material girls last night I heard the girls talking about going yesterday at the guild I go mornings . cant wait to see the shop up and running too sounds good. the word verification for this post is trouper sounds like they knew it was for you :)

DAWNIE said...

Hi Vicki, just lovet his knitting needle holder roll you have made just lovely. am way behind in blogging so just reading some now. Take care.