Friday, September 16, 2011

Purse swap with Bec

Bec and I were partners in the FIS purse swap. We talked about what patterns we had and discovered both of us love Red Brolly Designs and had a pattern for a purse - the same one. So, with us both doing the same design we were set - Bec started and was well underway when I came back from Launceston after G's surgery. I felt guilty already for not having started, but even worse when I realised that I had ordered another design as well - and both patterns I had were the same - but NOT the one I had thought in the first place! A quick call to the lovely, helpful Sarah fixed all that and I managed to make and post in plenty of time for Bec's purse to arrive in NSW on Wednesday.
I am thrilled to bits with mine, Bec. The colours are just me! Thanks so much and I do hope that you've opened yours by now and that it's just what you like as well. Thanks Sarah for another great swap - my fingers are now healed after all the hand stitching, but think I might have to look at how I go about applique in the future!
You'll see photos of our purses in my previous posting :)


Sue W ♥ said...

love the purses, so you Vicki and the claps are cute, might have to get one of those from Sarah as well

Lib said...

hmmm another thing to go on my