Friday, March 30, 2012

Red Brolly Swap

I had Jo as my partner and I made her the Teana Purse. It wasn't what I was planning to make initially, but that pattern has hidden itself. So at the last minute - literally - I was stitching the purse to the clasp. Was very happy with it when it was done.

I received from Jenny - a gorgeous Sewing Carry All, pincushion and a notepad. I have made this for someone else but never for myself, so I am just rapt - thank you so much Jen, they are really beautiful!

It's Material Girls on Monday night, so I will be taking my new bag and pincushion with me to show off!

When Jo was here last time, she mentioned that she liked the scarf I had hanging from the chair - took a photo to put on my blog and still haven't - and that she wouldn't mind a red one. No red to be found, but a ball of marroon/purple found it's way over to the parcel complete with its own pattern! Happy knitting!

This is the scarf I was telling you about, Peg!  Same yarn, just turned around the other way - I bought it in London last year - Sirdar Salsa.
Haven't seen it here yet but we tend to be about 12 months or so behind, hehehehe


shez said...

lovely gifts sent and received what a lovely swap Vicki,well done.xx

Chookyblue...... said...

beautiful gifts from the swap......lucky you........lovely scarf too... said...

Lucky, lucky you! What beautiful gifts to give and receive. I feel so very honored to be see my patterns used for such a great swap.
Congratulations on your beautiful sewing! Love, love, love it!
Bronwyn Hayes

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Oh your purse so very cute.....and Jenny has done a wonderful job on the 'carry all' the scarf, gorgeous colour, thanks for posting Vic..xx

Jo in TAS said...

Thank-you Vicky and thank-you for a lovely dinner and good company :-)

DAWNIE said...

Another successful swap always nice to receive from someone else

Kerri said...

Lovely swap prezzie. . Very cute.