Sunday, June 10, 2012

That cooking show - I'm alive and .... cooking????

Nope, coughing!!!!! If anyone out there hasn't heard yet, the whooping cough immunisations we had as kids need to be boostered - just like Tetanus - who'd have thought? When I had my flu shot at the end of April, the Doctor - who comes to school to inject us - mentioned that there is whooping cough here on the coast and that as I had 2 young grandchildren I should have a booster shot.
Okay, all good - first week of the holidays was only 4 weeks away, so plenty of time... of course NOT!!! Just prior to the end of term I had been grumbling about having an annoying cough - dry, frustrating - but suddenly, it's a full blown chest infection and not prepared to let me off that lightly, the test I had just as a precaution was positive. Of course, contagious, notifiable disease, all that - bed rest, lots of fluids, broken sleep and NO energy at all. [On the upside, I have watched both full series of Downton Abbey which I thoroughly enjoyed - and subsequently dreamed about the night I had watched the last episode. Thankfully, the makers are filming the third series to be shown in January - might even get to see some whilst we are in England over Christmas.]

Let me tell you that there really is a whoop in whooping cough and I encourage everyone who reads this to get immunised - NOW!!!!

Kerry, you will be pleased to learn that I made your paper bag swap present yesterday - sans buttons, because as you know the one you sent was broken in the mail - but I am really happy with the end result.
Photos to come, once the parcel has been handed over and opened in Sydney next week.

Wish the other girls luck - I'm hoping that my coughing will have settled right down by then - it's just above the annoying stage at the moment.

My next post will be photo heavy as there are heaps of pics as I haven't uploaded for months - but I have been busy!


Chookyblue...... said...

so long as you have the all clear for Sydney that's the important bit.........

Lib said...

Poor you Vicki - what a waste of your holiday!!!
Hope you re up and about soon.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Glad to hear you have been a good girl...xx

Vicki said...

I'm coming, coughing or not!!!

FloS said...

Ouh lala !!! ma pauvre Vicki !!! tous mes meilleurs voeux de rétablissement !!
J'espère que tu seras en forme pour Sydney ....
car J'ATTENDS ton reportage !!!!