Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I have a floor!

I guess for all you green people - ordered, tidy, methodical - it seems obvious that I would have a floor. but to all of you who are yellow - creative, messy, etc - that would be me! - you will understand that a sewing room could easily lose its floor when creativity hits.  Of course, the bowerbird factor has come into this too, even more so with Spotlight being here in Burnie.
I told Sarah late last night when she was helping me with my blog setup that today was archaeological dig day and I have been at it since just after 730 this morning. I now have a clean floor, skirtings and window ledges in the sewing room; however, I have a full family room until I pack it all back.
I'm off to pick up a friend to go chest of drawer shopping, so I'm not giving up.
DH is away fishing up the Tamar today so I figure I have about another 4 hours.  Fingers crossed he gets some fish to cook on the BBQ for tea, because I won't have the energy left after my massive sleep-in, newspaper reading and coffee indulging day, LOL.

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Roseanne said...

Your blog look good . why not take time for your sel. I do hope you get the room tidy up.