Monday, January 11, 2010

It's well on the way to being finished!

For those of you who have been wondering - Thomas' quilt now has a border and is half quilted. The new fabric I ordered  from the Fabric Cupboard [from Moda's Chez Moi - Charisma] arrived in today's mail, so I hope to finish quilting tonight, cut the binding and stitch it on so that at my stitching morning tomorrow I can start hemming it.

Here's a pic of the progress since last time....

With the new border -

I've quilted 1/4 inch either side of the seam lines - got lazy and thought I would stick to just the horizontal lines. Then I thought maybe I'd try one of the verticals. Of course, it looks better with that done too, so back to the quilting shortly! [I really need to learn NOT to think when I am getting that tired at night]

The fabric on the left is going to be the binding.  Looks a little busy at the moment, but it will pull all the colours together and complement  the floral next to it, which is the Mum's choice [thinking that she was having a girl!] This is to be the Family baby quilt made by me, so I am happy with the end result - suits either sex and looks great on the same style cot (darkish timber) they've bought.  Needless to say, Anna hasn't seen it yet and doesn't even realise that it's started - so a big surprise is on the way!

Now, off this computer and to the sewing machine!! :)

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