Saturday, January 9, 2010

My house looks sooooooooooooo empty now!

Yes, you guessed it - I have taken down the Christmas tree and all the lovely hand crafted decorations today. The first impression is of space and the second - how sad it looks without the lights and bits around. On the bright side, next time I put them up it will signify having all the family home next Christmas, so it's worth it!
BUT, it's definitely time to make some bright new cushion covers as the old ones are quite faded looking....... something else to add to my list of to dos.
We've been sitting out on our deck, enjoying the lovely cool breeze and watching the solar light on the table changing colours.

Pretty, isn't it???

It's actually cooled down enough to go to bed, so hopefully we will be able to get a decent sleep tonight - my fault for saying that it had been cool enough to use the new quilt, hehehe. Tomorrow, it's Thomas' quilt day, so fingers crossed the house is a little cooler and I can get on with machine quilting it ready for the binding to go on.


Catherine said...

I love it when all the Christmas decorations are put away...makes me want to tidy and sad am I!! Love the solar light!! Cathyx

Sarah said...

Cool light Vicki!
Been quite hot here too! Not sure exactally what the temp got to here - must get myself a gauge.
Sewing day here too today.... hopefully I will get to make Teresa's Block Roll!
x Sarah

Roseanne said...

Your light look great. It has been so hot.


The light looks great. All my decorations have been put away (1 week ago) and the usual wall hangings, dolls etc are back again. I too must make some new cushion covers, the old ones are very tired looking.

Christine said...

You were up late!! Saturday was a scorcher wasn't it ... for here anyway. How is Thomas' quilt going?

Kerri said...

I love it when the decorations are away too. I like a little order. That wont happen until the girls go back too school (and Im not looking forward to that).

Love your light. Very cute.

I have been wanting to get on my quilting machine but it hasn't cooled down here yet. Might have to just get in and do it soon.