Monday, January 4, 2010

We've worn out our tongues..........

Doubtful, because we were still all chattering as the cars were leaving my place to go home around 530 today!
Razzy and Sarah came the long way today - via Cranberry Crafts at Ulverstone and then the old coast road I think. Christine T arrived first, closely followed by Auntie['s Quaint Quilts] Christine. They had a tour of the sewing room floor just before the GT bloggers arrived and then we started the never ending teas/coffees/food/chitchat and stitching. Christine M arrived as we were downing our first hot drink. Believe it or not, lots of work was done.
We shared projects we have done, are doing, looked at Razzy's wonderful blog book which Andrew gave her for Christmas, checked out a new pattern book and still we chatted.

And of course, after a yummy shared lunch, Sarah and Razzy had brought some afternoon tea - check out these lovely scones! You can be sure that we needed everything we ate today - BUT the only chocolate we had was sprinkled on top of the Cappuccinos!


Just thought I'd show you this lovely bag - it's the Bonbon Bag by Monica Poole and I made it for Christine M for her birthday last year.  You may have seen it's on the to do list for me this year! It's a great knitting bag :)


Christine said...

Thanks for a lovely day ... I really enjoyed it. I finished binding my quilt tonight. Love your bon-bon bag ... great design. See you soon.

'Young' Christine!!

Lynda said...

Wish I'd been there ... looks like you all had a wonderful time.

Sarah said...

Thankyou SO much for having us Vicki! I had a lovely time!
Love that bag you made Christine!
x Sarah

DAWNIE said...

Wow just love this bag - would definitely be a great knitting bag. I need one of these.