Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Phew, my official working week is over!

I have been feeling really bad because I hadn't managed to finish anything this month - and THEN I looked more closely! I know that Christmas is a long way off, but here is the new apron I finally put together and quilted ready to cook again!

Meet Ellie, the other family member in this house.  She is like Auntie's cat, Oliver Henry, who has to check everything out first! It's a little bit hard to see where Santa ends in this pose.

Here is a UFO that I found in the cupboard when I was clearing out the sewing room. It was a Material Girls' Birthday swap where everyone made two sets of 6 1/2 " blocks - we chose the blocks. I took it straight to the quilting lady and got it back on Monday after work. It now has the binding on and is clipped all ready for stitching - may have a second finish after all! It looks very festive with all the clips on it anyway.

Here's our sweet little GD who was proudly showing off how she says her lastest word - I found it so hard not to laugh at the tongue action, but since she giggled so loudly afterwards, I joined in.
The word?    Golly-olly-olly-olly 
The dribble was impossible to avoid with the massive tongue rolling, LOL

I am now well on the way with stitching my Leanne Beasley swap item for our FIS blogging group. I really love the stitching part, but I can see that I need to crank it up a notch or two over the next three days as I'm not at the halfway point yet!  Here's a sneaky peek:

I'm off to organise a quick tea as tonight is stitching night at a friend's place - bet you can't guess what I'm going to be working on!


Roseanne said...

Love your Christmas apronand your quilt. It will be nice to see the quilt finished off.

Lulu said...

The apron looks lovely.

Lynda said...

Lots of lovely show and tell.

Christine said...

Your quilt looked great last night ... not much more to do now. Give Ellie a pat .. she's such a sweetie. As is your little GD. Hope you survive King Island. Lucky we have Monday off so you can recover!