Monday, April 5, 2010

Unexpected way to spend our leave

It's been a long time between posts and a lot has happened! Firstly our Long Service Plans have been unceremoniously ditched as a result of my husband's need for weekly treatment in Launceston. The prognosis is good, but the word itself was a massive shock to us all. The first treatment was Thursday last week and continues Fridays for 5 more weeks, then a two week stop before more tests to see whether the treatment has been successful.
Chris and Dawn flew in from London last Wednesday afternoon and were at the hospital after the first treatment - it's fantastic to have such wonderful family support. Our kids have all been wonderful and our little GD has provided us with lots of "comic" relief.

Easter has been spent at home and we have had the whole family here for lunch on Sunday - the very first time we have had everyone here as Dawn hasn't been back since Addison arrived. Was a very special day for all of us and a real boost to DH.
I've actually managed to get some sewing in - finished off the black stripey bag and yesterday I made a pretty little Christmas shoulder bag to go back to London. Two more in the planning!

I also managed to cut out one of the 2 blocks for our FIS group and hopefully will get some more time in the sewing room today. C+D off to Launceston later this morning and DH has gone off to work - shorter hours, as in 8 hour days rather than 11!!!


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Hi Vix....I have just emailed you....So nice to have all the family around it must have been so good for your DH...and for you as well....keep safe..Peg PS love the bags

Jessica said...

I hope you husband gets well without too many problems.
I love your black stripy bag!

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

The bags are great! Hope your husband respondswell to the treatment.

Roseanne said...

Gee vicky I hope all go well for your DH. I do like your bags you have made. Take care ..

helbel19 said...

Hope everything goes well for you and your hubbie, having family around is also a great comfort.

Love the bags.


Tereasa said...

Glad to see you where able to get a spot of sewing in, it's great therapy. Life doesn't stick to plans but I'm glad to hear you have your family to lean on.

Jan said...

Hi Vicki: Lovely work as usual; don't know how you can concentrate but it must be very therapeutic. So sorry to hear about the change in plan, and the reason for it. Fingers crossed for a positive result and a speedy recovery and continuing good health. Love and best wishes, Jan