Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finishing off some more bits and pieces - but no blocks yet!

This is the little "Red riding hood" jacket and hood which I have been making for Addison for a few months - I have enough of the fluffy wool left to make cuffs for next year - atm it is like a coat on her and just the right length in the sleeves with them rolled up - she looks so cute, but took it off quickly as it was too hot the other night and she was a busy girl!

Dawn is waiting to hear whether she will be leaving Australia at 0010 on Wednesday morning for London - of course, we don't mind one little bit if she gets to stay on for longer, hehehe. She and Chris have done some walking this weekend - over the Saddle down into Wineglass Bay at Freycinet and yesterday went walking at Cradle. Must get some photos from them.
Here's the second bag in the Christmas instalment for London. If the flights get cancelled for much longer, she could very well have the third one to take home as well, hehehe

We have had a great week, DH is doing very well, not quite so tired and lots of energy!


Lynda said...

Hi Vicki - what a cute jacket/hat for your GD. I bet she looks gorgeous in them. Thanks for the update on DH - so glad to hear he's doing well.

Sarah said...

Cute jacket! I hope we see some pics of Miss A wearing it!
Great to hear Glen is doing well! People react differntly dont they!
x Sarah
PS: Cool bag.... Enjoy the last few days with Dawn xx