Saturday, June 26, 2010

And two more finishes

What a busy week at our house! Started on Sunday with lunch with friends at Longford, dinner with family in Launceston then a 5am alarm to ensure that we were at the hospital by 6am on Monday. Great news, DH doesn't have to see the specialist again now until September, so the treatment has worked!  I think we have only really just realised that this is the case - been in some kind of euphoric state, not alcohol or drug affected either, LOL. Monday night was full of phone calls, text messages and BIL who stayed overnight. Tuesday I felt like I had been hit by a Mack truck after a full day in the classroom - first in 11 weeks, so as you can imagine I fell into bed and didn't move all night :) Wednesday was reasonably normal, but Thursday I started school visits and then had a Conference meeting from 4 which only ended at 1835 when I left to meet DH, DS, DIL and GD in Ulverstone for an unexpected meal. After that we visited some dear friends who have just had illness diagnosed and a brand new grandson arrive. By Friday I was ready for some stitching and my Pounce pad arrived in the mail. Opened and examined it and it is still sitting where I left it, since I ended up working on Conference stuff most of the day and then putting the finishing touches to my very first softie. Looks great, but boy, so much work in putting him together - still have to make my partner's now that I have trialled the pattern.
Here's another one I made yesterday for a young friend who's having her baby shower next weekend - another Melly and Me called Dee Dee. - from Australian Homespun, Vol 10, No 12.
This morning I have completed a cute little MILO knitted vest for GD using leftovers from her red riding hood jacket. It was knitted from the neckline using a circular needle - a first for me. It wasn't the easiest pattern to work with and I didn't like the fact that it gave no indication of length, etc, but I am happy with the finished result. I wanted to make the owl a feature, so only did the one rather than a strip as you would a cable design.

So, two more finishes for June and sadly, Quilt Pounce Pad hasn't had an outing....YET!!!!! I have found a little quilt that I made years ago though, so you never know!


Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

The owl is really cute!

Lulu said...

Love the toy, love the knitting.

DAWNIE said...

Oh no wonder you are pleased - just love this little top/dress with the owl - so clever - am sure it there will be lots of oos and aars.