Saturday, June 19, 2010

Catching up!

The last day of the holidays, Auntie and I went through to Launceston via Exeter where we met Sarah and Razzy for a cuppa before we called in to see Pauline at Calico Crossroads. Imagine our surprise when we left the Exeter Bakery to see this right in front of us! Had to take a photo because I'm sure noone would have believed us otherwise.
Christine and Razzy swapped cars for the trip to Launceston so that we could catch up with our blogging friends. I was very proud of the fact that we found a free park in George Street and Razzy and I were feeling very virtuous about our extra walk into town. We met up with Cathy at The Quilt Patch and then we did a bit of individual shopping in town before heading off to meet Leanne at Esmes at Kings Meadows and have lunch just down the road at Peckish.
After Razzy and I had a lengthy wait for the RACT man - having discovered a flat tyre - we were extremely peckish after dropping off the car here............
for two new tyres! That put an end to the quilt shop splurging I can tell you - you can buy a lot of fabric for nearly $500 :<
Christine and I had a very smooth trip home though, so it was worth it - how dreadful it would have been if we had had a puncture on the highway on a Friday afternoon, last day of the holidays and the start of a long weekend. I consider the timing to have been annoying but thoughtful really, hehehe  - oh yes, and I've told Christine that she drives next time!
Before I went to Launceston I had started cutting out strips to make my DD a flannel lap quilt to keep her warm when she is sitting watching TV - it was meant to be made whilst she was at Uni to keep her warm whilst she was working in the cold study, because the heating was always off over the weekend to save $$$$$$$$$$$ - personally I think that with what her course cost at University, the heating should have been on 12 months a year, LOL. I saw a pattern that I liked and decided that I could make it easily enough from memory - the book was quite expensive and there was only one quilt in it that I even liked.
Home I went, cut and stitched and then decided I had made a huge mistake. Couldn'
t work it out at all, so here is what I ended up with - a slightly rearranged version of rail fence block.
The borders are made from the extra inch that I had to cut off each of the strips and the corner squares from some other off cuts - makes it look like I went to a lot of trouble to mitre the corners. All machine pieced and quilted by Monday night. Took all Tuesday evening to hand stitch the binding down though!
School is back but I have still managed to get some sewing done after tea the last few days. I've managed a second pair of pants for GD - mirror image of the previous pair. Both will go with the Red Ridinghood jacket and the recent pink jacket which I have knitted this year.
The QS flannel quilt I have made for our bed - which I started piecing at Bicheno - has been back from the quilter for a week. The binding is all ready to go on ... but I'm having a break and making a softie for a change of pace.


Roseanne said...

Very nice quilt vicki I bet your DD love it. I still had a good day even though we got a plat tyres.

Catherine said...

I like your version of the rail fence block just as much...flannel quilts are so warm!! Hope today went well...enjoy your week! Cathyx