Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Meet new friends

I tried to get into Blogger earlier today and it wouldn't play nicely at all, so it's taken until now for me to get a second chance.
Here are Patty and Duddles sitting huddled together on top of the heater in our lounge room. Patty was made by Karyn from FIS group as part of our Softies swap. These new friends are both first Softies efforts and I love them! Karyn did a great job with Patty, don't you think? Love her hair!
And here are some of the other completed items on this month's list!
Firstly the knitted hat for my great nephew who is coming to visit his grandparents in Tassie for the very first time next month - since he lives in Darwin, I thought this might be useful!

And here are some photos of the flannel quilt I started when we were in Bicheno! It's been back from the quilter for weeks, but I have only just managed to put on the binding and complete it. It works too - had a snuggle and a long nanna nap on the couch yesterday after work, all warm and cosy under it.

The corner blocks are made up from the offcuts of the bigger blocks and not wanting to waste them.................
Still need to take photos of the little quilt I finished using the Pounce pad and the new mug cosies.
My current project isn't likely to be completed before the end of the month - but will be by the middle of next month because it is for my DH's birthday. Almost half way up the second sleeve, so only the back and collar to knit after this and then of course, putting it together........ LOVELY!!!


teresa said...

Love the softies! They look so cute. The beanie is gorgeous, my boys wear this type too and even have earphones for their ipods in the flaps!!! Your quilt is gorgeous and I can see why you had a nanna nap under it yesterday. It looks so comfy! Bet you didn't wear heels today ha ha!

Lynda said...

Great quilt Vix - I can see that in your loungeroom.