Sunday, June 24, 2012

OPAM Photo catch ups - part 1.

These aren't necessarily in the order I did them, but I am so far behind I am embarrassed!
Leg warmers for Addison - apparently all she wanted to wear after her bath that night!

Woolly cap for Maxim

This was for Mattea but was WAY too big, so big sister got it after I pulled a thread and turned the fancy bit to face out instead of being rolled back.
Aren't they just so cute? This is the jade beannie to match the jacket in the photo below and M has on the booties and hat from same photo.

Mattea's top is from a set - booties, hat, jacket and leggings - so toasty warm!

Leg warmers for Nina - Addison's dancing friend - her favourite colour is purple.
Scarf for Jo - part 2 of the Red Brolly swap
I love this little teddy bear hat/top. Addison said that she looks so cute, just like "a wittle wamb!"

Hoodie for M - very cosy for her to grow into.


shez said...

Vicki they are lovely knits you have made,you are very clever,well done.xx

Lynda said...

Such beautiful knits Vicki for those little cuties.

Lib said...

The grands look absolutely gorgeous! Oh so does your knitting.

Christine said...

Wow. You have been busy .. two lucky little girls too. Hope you are feeling better and cough is gone.

Annie said...

Oh my Goodness.....all those stitches.....I am in awe :)

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

SO many projects for this month. Love all that baby sewing Vix.